In order to give you an idea of how far i've come(and to give you some cool extras) heres a collection of strips and some suplementary mateirels for planned strips that I made before this one, but (with one exception) were never released, Until now...

My First Strip 

My very first comic that was meant to be a sprite comic about gannon and bowser, but laziness and lack of intrest and sprites killed the project. looking back now it was probably for the best.

Sonic Zero 

An attempt at a serious comic. I actually liked the concept but like most strips here lack of intrest killed it. 

Sonia and Manic 

My first conitnual effort at a sprite comic, but still very very crude. Honestly I chose this one at random. It's not some of my best work. 

Knuckles Chaotix 

 Exactly what it says on the tin. this is the first one so far I found entertaining to this day.

Sonic the Sprite Comic 

Another good project idea that just did not end up well. as you can tell a tinsy bet over-dramatic 

Ultimate Satam 

Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Nuff Said. Did not work out for reasons noted above. 

I'm Going Slightly Mad 

Clocking in at at least 30 comics with 4 unreleased, this fan comic at sonic and pals is my only comic that was actually avaliable. I will add a section for this strip at a later date but for now i'll say that despite a lack of charictarazation at times, the strip was still marginally good. 

Of Course

My latest attempt at a strip that never even got to the strip stage, It would of follwed the adventures of m.bison as he trys to you guessed it take over the world. (of course!). But desptie this  alot of guiles charicter comes from this concept. And I might drop m.bison into the strip at some point. 


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